September 29, 2014

15 Things

Cabrillo Lighthouse up on top of Point Loma.

I am  not one for meme’s, but the idea of writing fifteen favorite things down in five minutes captured my humor.  Perhaps these would be in better balance if I could ruminate about them, but I didn’t ruminate about them.  Here off the top of my head....
  • 1.     George        
  • 2.     The gentle sunshine and golden air of a fall day.
  • 3.     Good food stuffs: Greek and Mexican.
  • 4.     Friends are special
  • 5.     Family that care.  I sure do appreciate them.
  • 6.     Chocolate.  Did I say that?
  • 7.     Colors…all colors.
  • 8.     Travel any old where.
  • 9.     Books and favorite authors.
  • 10. Being able to give back.
  • 11. Getting in the water.
  • 12. Walking  like a real person again. 
  • 13. The program that saved my life despite me.
  • 14.  Driving my truck.
  • 15. Being able to doodle.


  1. Great list! Listing the good things seems to nudge us out of a hole sometimes.

  2. You did a great job on these Mage... always a good practice to list these out. It makes us more appreciative and aware.

  3. What a good list. I think you should print it large and hang it on the wall. I'm sure it's a cheerful reminder.

  4. Terrific list!
    Let it be so.

  5. A good list and I agree with most of it. I suppose I would put David at the top of the list but it depends....he just got up from his nap...the DMV wore him out. Now he's foraging in the kitchen for biscotti I baked this morning. I am so glad your weather improved given I am headed your way in a few weeks. Give back? Not me. I gave too much away already.....

    PS comments you leave on FB don't always reach me. I might see them by accident, or if I check my own home page which I don't do every day.

    I tend to skip over much garbage from other friends and relatives. My siblings and cousins are right-wingers with large German Shepherds, and my friends are mostly Liberals. Ha Ha.

  6. Hello Mage, you stopped by my blog a while ago and I thought I would come by and see yours.

    I think that is a great list and I am assuming George is your husband? I love many of the same things and boy do I love doodling. Strangely my doodles are always treble and bass clefs and I have no musical bone in my body and flowers (which I do love). Glad to see your truck on there too.

    I like the idea of doing that list and pinning it somewhere too. Focusing on the positives rather than the negatives would make a change.

  7. This is a great list and I can see your life and personality in there. My family would take up the first half of the list. Then comes chocolate... etc.

    Your doodles are priceless, Mage!

  8. A great list. The kind of things one can only get if one lives life and keeps one's eyes open! I think doodling is not representative of its name.

  9. Revealing of conscious, grateful living. Way to go!


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