September 11, 2014


No fur.


Poor guy.  I came home from work yesterday to find him in bed groaning to welcome me.  He rarely gets sick, and I feel very sorry for him.  He insists on taking me out to dinner tonight.  What can I say.  I’ll go, and he can eat soup.  That’s no fun, but he insists.

  • Himself:  Yesterday slept all afternoon and night.  Napping this afternoon.
  • Herself:  Maybe my last week’s IBS wasn’t.  Doodling and writing.  It’s still hot here, but hotter inland.
  • Reading:  Bolitho: Sloop of War.
  • Balance:  Not really but better.
  • 9/11:  I'm doing better this year with the date.  Keeping the people in my mind on and off during the day.

    1. Nice drawing. Hope dinner went well.

    2. The date...yes, there are so many and this is one of the big ones. He looks healthy?? I am waiting for a call back from a test from my doctor. As my husband says, when they take days to call you back, you probably do not have a serious problem.

    3. Hippo Birdies Two Ewes
      Hippo Birdies Two Ewes
      Hippo Birdies
      Hippo Birdies

      Hippo Birdies Two Ewes!

      (keep coming back)

    4. Aww he' sweet. I hope you have a nice time. I sure hope he does too.

    5. Hope its a great dinner. Love how you capture the figure, great sketch.

    6. LOVE your drawing!
      more, more please! xoxo c!


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