September 14, 2014


Dr. Jim, G, and me at this year’s birthday dinner at The Brigantine.

G and I finally talked.  Talking helps a lot.  Breaks the barriers.  Oh, tangled web we weave while trying to be polite.

On other notes, daughter Margot’s computer and laptop died….a well used pair.  When she started to get herself together this morning to come down here for computer tech time, she couldn’t find her car keys.  Hours later, she still can’t find her keys.  She can’t job hunt the fire departments up there without either a car or computer.  No, they are not in the car, freezer, or house…so far.

My dearest cousin ‘s granddaughter had a joyous pregnancy this year.  Two days ago they couldn’t find a heartbeat.  Yesterday they induced labor, and a beautiful stillborn boy was born.  Both sides of the family were there to welcome him.  Even out here on the far away coast, I sent prayers and cried.  Beyond sad.


  1. Definitely beyond sad. Such a crushing blow for anticipating parents.

  2. Such a tragedy for your relative. She and he will get around it, but it will shadow them for years. They will see a child the age of what-might-have-been and go down the rabbit hole once more. Talking...always good. Better than shouting which is what we Italians do.

  3. My heart goes out to the parents and your family. It changes but does leave a hole. Those little ones are never forgotten.

  4. Keys - they are the bane of my life! Some days mine behave and other days they seem to have a mind of their own. I feel for Margot, I know just what she was going through, there I'd nothing worse than that awful 'where on earth are they?'feeling. Especially when you don't have a spare lol
    Losing a babe is right up the top of the most traumatic and stressful happenings we humans can experience.

  5. How very sad! I can't think of anything harder. Know that your internet community is thinking kind thoughts for your family.

  6. Sad when a long awaited child departs. Condolences. Tell Margot to say a prayer to St Anthony when she loses something. It works. Even got David doing it.

  7. How heartbreaking for the mother. I wish the family well.
    As for the keys and computer, well, good luck!
    Glad you and your hubby had an honest talk.

  8. Unspeakably sad.

    Glad you and G talked.

    Where are those keys???

  9. Sending massive hugs for so many reasons.

  10. Oh, my, too much sadness. I'm so sorry to read of all the bad stuff going on right now in your life. All I can say is, keep putting one foot in front of the other. Offer a smile to everyone. Reach out to those family and friends who are hurting and hunting.


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