September 4, 2014

Festival of Sail: 2: A Canon Battle

Crew members loosen the sails on the “American Pride.”

Among the entertainments offered this year were cannon battles.  The two ships taking part in this great endeavor were the three master the “American Pride” with her tanbark sails, and the gaff rigged schooner “Spirit of Dana Point.”  You could go out on them as we did a few years ago, or you could watch as they tacked back and forth emitting great explosions out in the bay.
The “American Pride” pulls away from the dock easily.  The “Spirit of Dana Point” has the wind holding her to the dock, and a rubber ducky used as a tug pushes her off far enough so she can move out into the bay.
As the passengers get a safety lecture, the crew member climbs on board and the boat is drawn up.

They motor to the main channel, and tack back and forth pretending to shoot at anything that captures their fancy.  Carriers and swift boats alike are not immune to cannon shot.


  • Himself:  Gym.  Found all sorts of money yesterday then took me out to dinner.
  • Herself:  Pool, breakfast, work, met with Miss Z and got a most lovingly restored book back, home to download pictures, to womens group, and out to dinner.  Fell asleep over a bad book and TV early.
  • Reading:  Thought a Patterson adventure would be fun.  No.  Fractured, don’t like the characters, don’t like three story lines going at once.
  • Balance:  Keeping today simple and finding homes for some of the stuff from the garage.


    1. The water looks blue when you look across it but when you look down, it is green. Hmmmm

    2. The photos look like a good time was had by all. Having lived (briefly) on a trimaran I know how difficult moving a larger boat can be. I am not a sailor, though, as any rolling waves make me head to the head!

    3. What a fab place to be on a nice day.

    4. What fun. I love those "old" ships. Been busy and not on WP for a day or two. Liked the way I looked in the mirror at PT until I spotted the coffee stains dribbled down my white shirt. Gosh, am I turning into an old woman?

    5. Beautiful sails…when we lived in San Francisco, the sailing ships would come in once a year and put on a show. We had a grand view from our apartment overlooking the bay.

    6. My first day working at the Maritime required me to climb out and touch the end of the bowsprit on the Californian. I did it. They decided to keep me.

    7. Mage, thanks for the note. Been definitely out of it. I'm back in PT and my whole family is passing around some intestinal bug, ick, kids, parents, and grannies. Things are looking up.

    8. Your maritime posts always send refreshing breezes my way.

    9. Nothing quite like messing around in boats and it's fun to watch too.


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