September 2, 2014

Festival of Sail - I

Aboard the Star Of India.

I learned a lot this hot day by the bay. 

The ships were beautiful, but they were almost all small.  Next year there will be bigger ships.  One has to invite them years in advance.  I learned that something has gone wrong with me, and that I can do very little in the heat.  I kept trying tho…never give up.

I took one hundred and sixty eight pictures.  George, who put up with my pauses, took just a few less.  We had a great time but came home to sleep early.  I even took a nap with my chin on my chest in front of my computer.

On and off during this last week, I read “Orange is the New Black.”  I was very moved by her experiences, and too, her writing.  I’ve been in our local jail twice.  Once for growing marijuana for sale.  No one would listened to my protests on this.  If your husband grew marijuana, you did too.  I made a black with tiny white striped suit to wear to court.  Maybe the stripes were too wide.  We received three years supervised probation.

Again, years later, jail for drinking and driving.  Frankly they shouldn’t have bailed me out nor QR, quick released, me out.  They should have left me there to rot.  Maybe I would have gotten treatment sooner.

Vietnam era Swift Boat.

This day we rode the newest acquisition, a Vietnam era Swift Boat.  A gentleman who had trained on these craft told us all about them and how they were used during the sixties.  They are aluminum.  One shot would go right through them.  We whipped down the bay at nine knots, then 14 knots.  We were told that this swift aluminum boat will go 28 knots top speed.


More stories and pictures later.  Lots, but right now I’m off to the orthopedic doc for hip, shoulder, and thumb inspections.


  1. Good luck with all the appointments. Glad you are not in jail now...clever to wear a black with small white stripes to court! LOL

  2. Well, we had some revealing info in your blog today, so thanks for sharing the things you have overcome. As to the boat pictures, I'm picking the big cruise ship in the background on the last pic.!

  3. I can work in heat and stand around in heat less and less. Went to my volunteer gardeners meeting today and after an hour of work they just wanted to stand around and gossip, so I went home. You are really smart and that is why you have survived all the punishments in your life. I have gotten smarter with age and no longer have a knee-jerk reaction when someone tells me that have been arrested and imprisoned in their youth.

  4. I love any kind of boat festival. How was the ride on the swift boat?

    I spent a day last week at the local Fair and it was 97. Drank quarts of water to no avail I could barely get to the car to go home. Slept all evening and part of the next day. This is new to me too. I guess I will have to make some adjustments.

  5. Your little 'weed' story reminded me of the day one of our neighbours received a knock on the door. For some reason there was a police hunt in our street so they were doing a door to door - he was out the front having a sticky beak when discovered the officers had actually jumped his back fence to check our his garden for the suspect and found - yes a very healthy crop tucked away down the back.!
    The cruise ship caught my eye as well - wonder where it was off to. We board HAL Prinsendam in Athens on the 22nd - can't wait.

  6. My bone doc will only check one body part at a time. I did not know those Swift boats were aluminum. No wonder Kerry's crew mates wanted him court marshaled when he turned around to pick up the idiot who fell off the boat.

    Re growing grass...jail time is stupid, community service with habitat for humanity is the answer.

  7. We had a great time. The Swift boat really is!

  8. We did have fun riding the Swift Boat!

  9. I understand tired, but I do not understand this sleep thing of which you speak. What is it?


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