September 13, 2014


Celia, of Celia’s Blue Planet, inspired me this afternoon with a list.  Oh, I’ve grown foggy and listless here and needed a poke. 

Worries:  Yes, I have been doing those things that are suggested.  Sometimes they grow bigger than they really are.  The yearly physical….the worry about breast cancer with both mother and grandma having had it.  I’m bracketed by diabetes, and my weight really raises the risk factor.  The yearly failures to give or get all the information I need at the physical; just the thinking itself.  The ongoing worry about G and the way he lives.  Oh, I can reduce myself to a lump with very little effort.

Action:  I’ve joined a women’s group that meets Wednesday afternoons, that takes me away from myself and jump starts my positive thinking.  Even more important, I begin to make new friends.  Working with the books at the Discovery Shop here in Point Loma keeps me energized and awake.  I’m back to doodling.  This too is a gift.  I need too to take a class.

Like Celia, ( I have:

  • 1.     Done the physical and made follow up appointments.  Letting go of the fear of it all.  Glasses are on Monday, thanks to these lenses, my multiple vision hath all but vanished.  The hand doc is on Tuesday.  PT for the shoulder is far, far away next month.
  • 2.     I keep on going to water aerobics, and I’ve added ten more minutes of just water walking before the class starts.  I walk on land and often pant.  In the water world, I can walk for long stretches without a pant to my name.
  • 3.     Doggedly continued to go to Weight Watchers.  Life is lots better if I count my points and use the tracker.  Reduced portion sizes too.  I still gain with M&Ms and ice cream not at all a faded memory.  I remain disappointed that there is no hand holding for those of us with food allergies.  Just keep on keeping on, says the doc when asked. 
  • 4.     Dear G.  At least he has a sponsor.  I don’t tell of my frustrations with him to anyone….nor write of it in my journal.  Finally, I lost my temper with him the other day.  I told him carefully what I wanted to eat…twice, slowly, facing him while I spoke, and he ordered what he wanted to order.  I love him, but the word divorce has been spoken.  We are/have become/ing roommates, and I don’t like it.
  • 5.     I keep finding positive things in the everyday surroundings.  So glad I have a small table and area all of my own.  So pleased with the green trees, the bay and the beach.  As long as I don’t think, live is good.


  1. I love these little glimpses into your life - a few words here and there that tell us what's going on in your mind.
    Mine is too muddled at the moment to even attempt to list the contents! Got a trip coming up - need I say more lol

  2. You seem to have a lot on your plate (no pun intended for once).

  3. I hear you about the room mate aspect of marriage. It has happened to my marriage and it doesn't make me happy.

  4. I think it happens in every marriage. If you want to -- you'll do something about it.

  5. Um. I wish sometime I at least had a roommate.

  6. Counting the blessings every day helps make the day seem better ~ at least I hope so.

  7. As a former excellent co-dependent spouse, make sure you take care of yourself. God bless. Been there.

  8. Good for you doing the physical. The inspiration is mutual and I joined a women's group that is meeting on Friday after reading about your Wed meet-up.

    I hope you two can talk this through. I wouldn't have my former spouse back if you paid me (known as He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named by my family) but I don't care for living alone. As Lonely Rivers said "I wish sometimes I...had a roommate."


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