September 17, 2014


Thunder, lightening, and actual rain.  Not here, of course, but at a beach further up the coast it proved a gully washer.  Winds up to 100 miles per hour blew through the city knocking out power and trees of all sizes down everywhere.  One tree fell right on a school bus as it was moving along the freeway.  No one was hurt there, and the school bus came out in pretty good condition.  Not so lucky for many cars in parking lots.

No rain when I drove up to the surgeon’s office.  92 F and sunshine.  I will be forever grateful that the Toyota has AC.  Yes, surgery, outpatient, no general anesthesia – my bugaboo, and they just rebuild the bone on bone joint with a tendon graft.  I got a shot of cortisone in the non-existent joint now knowing why they put a little pain med in with the cortisone.  93 F when I headed home.  The sky was clouding over by mid afternoon then thunder began.

It only sprinkled here.  Living in drought conditions takes a sense of humor….just like living without a thumb or two.  Today I do books, but tomorrow at 9 I take a paper to my GP for surgery prep and permission. 

  • Himself:  He was pretty good yesterday, and by evening had a sense of humor again.  What ever bug he had is still hanging in there.
  • Herself:  Once again with Steroidal youth this morning.  Swim, store, books, post on facebook, women’s group, and dinner of tacos at the Brigantine.
  • Reading:  Again, I grabbed the nearest book on the way out rather than run up stairs.  I will finish the “White House Chef” tomorrow after I finish rereading  Anne McCaffrey’s “The Ship who Sang.”
  • Balance:  Not taking a nap.  I got up at 4:30 this morning wired from the steroid and a nap yesterday afternoon.


    1. Heading out to the Doc's office this PM to find out why they have not returned at least one of my three calls on results. I am keeping optimistic, because pessimism will not make me feel any better.

    2. I'm sure you have had enough with the Dr.visits. Good luck to you!

    3. ah, good luck with Drs. Glad you hear you are still swimming and swimming along! xoxo c
      and YES to that salad caprese!!!

    4. Sounds like a fun surgery. Not.
      Hope it works.

    5. Good luck and best wishes to you, Mage!

    6. Hope all goes well medically and that you suffer no storm damage.


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