September 7, 2014


Leaving Vegas 2007.

It doesn’t look like rain out there.

We wait.  While we follow the latest projected paths of the storm, we keep life normal.  I look up shoe stores.  Hours, locations, and contents.  Not one has any Bjorn.  My old, much worn out feet like Bjorn.  I actually wear out all my Bjorn’s, and this would be an expensive proposition if I didn’t buy them at discount shoe stores.  The Great Geezer doesn’t consider Nordies Rack a discount store while I do.

I wore out my red sandals and now wear an off brand.  When I remember I own them.  My black sandals are on their last legs, and I see nothing online to replace them.  The Great Geezer, now with the dramatically shorn head and beard so he will never go back to that barber again, loves to shop.  I have three stores near the house that he will shop in….Marshalls has a good shoe department as do Nordies Rack and DSW. 

The cake is made, the clothes laid out for tonight, so why not go shopping while we wait for the rain.  Often it's the small things in life that staple the big things together.

  • Himself:  Remembered to post a new picture or two on his blog.  I poke him a bit about this.
  • Herself:  I love Sunday mornings.  I love all day Sunday, actually.
  • Reading:  I should feel guilty.  I started the day with Ringo, moved on to Gelb’s wonderful writing, but find myself reading the Bolitho series.  We rushed out of the house, I needed a book, and Bolitho was right there.  Wonderful stuff.

  • Balance:  Writing today. 

    1. At least Geezer got his money's worth! Good luck on the sandal hunt.

    2. Currently reading Sotomeyor's biography My Beloved World. Good read!! Makes me so glad she is a Supreme Court Judge. DSW is good. I do know that comfort and durability trumps price anytime with shoes.

    3. I love those Borns, mine are on their last legs too, just like my feet. :-) Hope your search is successful. I'm wandering my way through Ivan Doig's books. I keep a list of all the books you mention. I do that with many I see, read, and its getting longer and longer.

    4. I hope the tropical storm isn't too severe. As for sandals, I swear by SAS, which I purchased at Macy's. Very comfortable and durable. I wear them to the symphony, restaurants, and trips abroad.

    5. We have gotten lots of rain for this time of year in Texas, and it is very welcome. Hope you can find some sandals you really like. I have a pair of Bass brown sandals that I have almost worn through the soles. I cry to think I'd have to throw them away.

    6. and no rain at the coast yet, bummer

    7. Shoes...I wear Mephistopheles when I can. Otherwise I buy Birkenstock. I read and was told that you have to find the "last" that fits your foot. Good luck. Will check G today.

    8. I'd be lost without my sandals and have used Teva for a few years. Must google Bjorn.

    9. I am familiar with Bjorn Bord, the tennis player, but he isn't so good for my feet. ;)

      But I did purchase new light hikers yesterday as my footfall has worn down last summer's pair. The way my feet fall, I wear down shoes too darn quickly. :(


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