September 3, 2014

Smiling all the Way

Mr. and Mrs. Roundy having fun and both smiling.  2014.

Here we are in our broadness.  It’s ok.  The doc didn’t scream at me for which I will be forever grateful.  I did get an eye appointment, and G will drive as I can’t after dilating.  Got the new red frames tho.  The orthopedic doc wasn’t happy with all of me.  I wasn’t happy with me either as both the GP and I forgot to ask for a referral about my annual hip check up. 

So my shoulder is a fixable entity.  He gave me a cortisone shot for my rotator cuff tendonitis and a referral for PT.  Maintenance will keep that as good as new.  My wrists are another matter.  My very common arthritic thumbs will need more than cortisone and PT.  Once again, surgery.  The left first….a simple surgery referred to the other Ortho guy who did my trigger finger release. 

The pictures show the end of the thumb bone has slipped out of its cradle.  Though I wear a brace all the time, my body has produced a row of little bone spurs to hold it in place.  Ditto the right thumb.  Even tho they say it is a simple fix, this is the third surgery on this hand.  I have grown wary after the problems I had at the hospital with the hip. 

I have hope of becoming the first left handed, bionic blogger though.  Smiling all the way.

  • Himself:  Gym.  Get’s to Subrogate all day.  Dinner a bit late.
  • Herself:  Pool.  Yes, I look awful in my Speedos.  Work, Get a repaired book back for which I do not know how to thank her.  So grateful.  Meeting and dinner out.  Wheeee…feeling somewhat steroid good this morning.
  • Reading:  A new space opera.  More later.
  • Balance:  Yin and Yang.  Encouraged about the pain.  That South American heat reaction is still with me tho.


    1. Oh, my we do have to adjust to changes, don't we. Good luck with the hand.

    2. I love that photo of the both of you. So much love there. So sorry for your shoulder and hand. I'm having tendinitis too. It's aggravating. I'm tired of hearing it's the aging process even though I know it's true.

    3. Great photo. You do not look in pain, but ready to face the world. They tweak and they twac and I am hoping that it increases your movement and reduces any pain.

    4. I will come visit you and make you tea!

    5. Golly, I hope you know a good vegan place. I am still doing this WW thing and learning how to walk again. That is walk a straight line....

    6. This does not sound like a fun prognosis.


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