September 15, 2014

Step by Step

On the Tole Mour, Festival of Sail, 2014.

Life jerks along.  I have a lovely collection of birthday cards to display. Thank you all for taking the time.  Another beautiful picture of mother and child appear online to break my heart.  I go to the eye doc today and the hand doc tomorrow.  At least this time, G took time off work to drive me home from the ophthalmologist’s office.  I couldn’t have done it alone.

The sun is out.  It’s hot outside, and everyone reminds us of how spoiled we are.  I agree.  We are just not used to 90’s at the beach.  It was good to see Margot who eventually found her keys and brought both her computers down to her dad, George.  Malware removed over 4,225 items of bad stuff from her hard drive.  That was good.  The bad…malware took something’s off needed to get the computer online.  One techie at the Sunday gathering suggested a program that removed another thousand or so bad files then put stuff back on.  The computer will now go online.

G could do nothing with her laptop.  So after the eye doc visit and all those pressure tests, scans, and more tests, we took it to our local computer store.  The laptop has her Fire Computer Code books two at $600.00 each.  We want to save those. 

It was good to see Margot again today, actually, as she picked up her computer.  We talked.  I missed Milaka.

  • Himself:  Took me to the eye doc, cranky, ate, and is back to work.
  • Herself:  Pool, eye exam with slightly elevated pressure in one eye,  They diluted the dilating drops, but after two and a half hours I am still blind.
  • Reading:  Wondering if I should discard the Mitford books.
  • Balance:  Everybody loves my new frames.

    1. Good luck with those doc appointments. Time for more iced tea!

    2. Boy. your post lets me know that it is hot and the heat is getting to all of you. I have had the windows opened all week and am loving it. Not to brag....
      Hope you get a break soon.

    3. So sorry for your computer issues. We have the Geek Squad on dial up.

    4. I missed your birthday - hope it was a wonderful day!!

    5. I missed your birthday too. I hope it was a terrific day!

      There are all kinds of eye problems, or maybe I'm just mental. At my first look at the caption on today's post, I wondered what the Mole Tour was.

    6. As for the Mitford books, I don't have any of mine as I passed them on to an elderly friend who enjoyed Jan Karon. The friend has passed away. Don't know what happened to the books. Just noticed that a new Mitford book is for sale. I'll wait awhile and perhaps pick up a used copy.

    7. I often read to Sue at bedtime. We tried Mitford after reading Harmony but they didn't appeal.

    8. I thought II left a message here a day or so ago...darn, another senior moment. At least I caught you eventually. I know I read this because I was stunned by the malware count, simply awful.

    9. oh, happy happy belated bday!
      very nice still life of vent. porthole and hatch! I like "Mole Tour"--good name for their dinghy.


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