September 25, 2014

Throw Back Thursday

1985, June first, before Laka’s graduation: Left, Laka, Right, Margot.

Feeling better.  I went to work yesterday and only faded out at the end.  There weren’t enough new books to fill the shelves.  Really a sad thing.  Today I’m in the pool then off to the optician to have the new glasses fitted to my eyes. 

Blow nose, cough, get on with life.  I shouldn’t be contagious any more.

  • Himself:  He works so hard.
  • Herself:  Donations are way down on everything.  I took all my Mitford books in and think they will sell with the new one out in the stores.
  • Reading:  The three Menolly books of AMcC.
  • Balance:  Reading and not coughing.


    1. Glad you are feeling better. Nice picture of the young ladies.

    2. I wish your store was closer. I have hundreds of books to give away. But then, my books are all text books.

    3. Glad you are feeling better. Our local St. Vinnies and the SOS free clinic here have gotten so much stuff they had to quit taking donations several days a week. Too bad we can't share.

    4. Gorgeous women! You should be proud.
      Glad you are recovering nicely.

    5. Sorry you got sick, Mage. Did you get your flu shot?

      What beautiful girls! You must be so proud.


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