September 27, 2014

Weekend Doggedness.

I leapt back into normalacy this week coughing all the way.

Thursday: G will feed kitties first for a neighbor gone to her HS reunion.  Glasses fitted.  Oh, I love my frames and now want turquoise frames.  I can’t wear them in the pool tho as the chlorine will change the color.  The large lady shop needs someone to update their Facebook page as I do for the Cancer Society. 

Friday:  Kitties first and last for George.  I was the sorter and managed to get all the books priced and out on the floor too.  I put out the entire collection of the Mitford series on Wednesday, and it was gone by Friday noon.  Rushed a dinner of hamburger and potatoe salad….lots of points, and off to a meeting.

Saturday:  First and last, take care of the neighbor’s kitties.  A Weight Watchers meeting where I might have lost weight and he will have lost weight.  Later it’s off to get my hair cut.  My new hair dresser will be out of town for the weekend so I will have to suffer through with “Sam’s” turning me into an old lady again.  He goes to the museum, and I cook Chinese for dinner.

Sunday at 9, G feeds the kitties and we start the day with a breakfast with Captain Poolie and her sister Mia.  This will be loads of fun.  Books too….Mia brings her finished books and donates them to the Cancer Society.  Now we rush home and bake a big sheet cake for the evening Speaker’s Meeting.  Brownies too.  At two, we will bring the brownies to Grace Lutheran church to celebrate Jimmy’s life.  Donations to Nami.  At 6, we will go to Mt. Soledad Presbyterian Church with the cake and bags of socks and underwear for the Presbyterian Urban Ministries from the Discovery shop.  We can’t sell used socks.  G sets up the sound, and I frost the cake.  G greets; I hide with a book.  Oh, shame on  me.

How do I feel about all this?  I’ll let you know.


  1. Feel good about it, you are a busy woman.

  2. I think I ate too much at the memorial.

  3. Don't forget to stop and smell the flowers. I think I will get some new daring glasses. Of course daring for me might be a shade of brown. I live on the East Coast you know. We only wear blue and black. Ha ha.

  4. What fun glasses! You should take a photo wearing them and show it to us. I just got new glasses too.

  5. Busy, busy. Oh, I hide with books, too. More often with Kindle now, though.


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