October 8, 2014

Bits, Orts, and Other Amusements

The Star of India heading out to sea.  Photographer: The Geezer.  2013.

Small things please me.  Wonderful cool nights at last.  Our windows stay open till the first heat of the day.  The ocean is warmer than the air so outside the house is shrouded in fog.  Cool fog.

I made it to Great Curves yesterday, and I got most of the Chico’s jackets shot for a new Facebook album.  I really like doing this stuff.  All this is much like the newspaper work I did for so many years.  Now it is just done online.  My friend Janey would love the simplicity of it all.  Later G took me to the surgeon’s.  I have a new surgery date and hopes that my “chronic bronchitis” cough get’s better by the 21st.

Today I shuffle books for the Discovery shop which I flat out love doing.  Photos there too.  Tomorrow I head downtown twice.  The first time at 9 to give back my new glasses to say they don’t work, and the second time downtown at noon to see the Physical Therapist again about my shoulders. 

I’m getting vastly better at laughing at myself while I wear out.

  • Himself:  Gym, work, games.
  • Herself:  Pool, work, post pictures, fix dinner, make pillow.
  • Reading:  A children’s book.
  • Balance:  Books.


    1. Hi Mage! I've been telling everyone that I've missed them since I didn't blog during the summer and in September, so now I'm telling you, too. I've missed you! :)

      I don't know what your surgery will be, but send my prayers and best wishes.

    2. I feel as if I need to shrug off more fog. Nothing is quite into place yet.

    3. Fabulous weather here. Cool days, cooler nights. We had Flu shots and Shingles too yesterday. Have you noticed the stronger dose they give seniors. I suppose we are more susceptible? Just don't fall apart before I arrive. Will you be in the hospital long?

    4. Aww you're not wearing out.. just getting ready for a tuneup. :)

      I have new glasses in the making which I fear won't be right either. I was surprised to hear that they were going with a weaker prescription. We'll see when they're ready.

      I'll send soothing, healing thoughts your way. May surgery and recovery go very smoothly for you.

    5. Love your comment about laughing at yourself. We can all use a bit of that type of humor. Makes the day go smoother.

    6. So glad you've got cooler weather. Us too in the mornings, opening all the windows and breathing in the cool is healing. Hope your lungs heal well and you get good energy back soon. I love fall, kind of time of fresh starts, I hope it is for you too.

    7. Don't forget to take Plaid with you.


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