October 2, 2014

Diving In

A Halloween 1985: Pregnant nun and bag lady.  Daughter Laka and me, a few years away from baglady-ship.

The days here on the coast have been glorious.  Only wisps of fog cling to the skies over the ocean at dawn.  The pool water has been warm, and life has been pretty darned smooth going.  I relish every moment. 

Today I pick up my red orange glasses.  Today I shoot at the large lady store.  And tonight I serve George’s leftover baked beans for dinner.  What are they…you don’t ask? 

He was invited up to the main office for a BBQ and potluck yesterday.  He came up from the garage waving an emergency Costco box of baked beans.  I remembered that Joy of Cooking version where you add things to the can.  He followed the Joy recipe, and the folks at the office loved it.  I loved that he did this all by himself.

Somewhere along the line I’ve been asked to price two big boxes of costume dolls that arrived Wednesday at the store.  We can have a doll event once I figure out what they are worth.  eBay is my handy-dandy tool in situations like this when I am lost.

Now I am off to the pool and diving into my day while waving at you all.

  • Himself:  Jack of all trades.
  • Herself:  Diving into my day.
  • Reading:  McCaffrey.

  • Balance:  Ommmmm…..

    1. The bag lady was a good costume. We had fun that year.

    2. That photo is hilarious. I'm glad you're keeping busy and enjoying.

    3. Those costumes are super original. Never saw ones like that. You do like costumes, though. You might have been a costume designer in another life?

    4. Very funny photo! Ummm....you are going to shoot at the store????

    5. Years ago, I collected dolls. Dad gave most of them away. I gave the rest of them away. Don't have any dolls now.
      I know despite new lenses, I don't see small screens well, but I thought the photo was Mary and Joseph and Christmas.

    6. And will you be taking a photo of yourself wearing the red orange glasses? Sounds like fun to me.


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