October 30, 2014

Does It Work?

I’ve had to make multiple blogs so I could stay in touch with my now scattered Open Diary friends.  I didn’t want to lose them.  Only on my Blogger page did I make a list of all the pages I read out there in the real world.  Slowly this last week, I’ve been going through the links.  I asked myself, does it still work?  Is someone still using it?  Is it current? 

The links were all still open.  Most of them are still current…that was good.  Unfortunately, many of the foodie blogs were not up to date.  That was sad as I had great trouble finding San Diego food blogs, or even accessible food blogs, to read when I built the list.  Not so this time.  Now there are lots of exciting pages with info on the newest and latest additions to the food scene. 

Wearing my new glasses, I wallowed happily in cyber calories all afternoon.  With the humor and color of Mid_Century Menu right at the top, I came back several times to read about the no Fry donuts topping of their Halloween list.  A little farther down, San Diego Foodstuffs shares one of the newest hot deserts from Extraordiinary Deserts.  We love that place too. 

If you want to see what I’ve been doing one handedly, The foodie link list is on the left at the bottom.

  • Himself:  Announced that he was feeling better at last.  Nap mid day.  Worked hard on wrecks for a new client.  He rescued a neighbor lady whose 2 year old locked her out on the deck while the one year old cried inside and dinner boiled on the stove.  Dinner out and grocery shopping after work.  Simple meals.  Game playing.  TV.  He’s a good guy.

  • Herself:  Drove downtown and picked up my new glasses with my old prescription.  They work wonderfully well.  Hurrah, hurrah…but the hair wash had to be redone at home by G to get rid of the perfume. Today tidy house and lunch with Schmidley in Old Town.  Yes, I will take pictures.

  • Reading:  A mystery and suspense anthology  Really scaring me.

  • Balance:  I took a nap too.


    1. do cyber calories make for a cyber diet?

    2. Hello lovely! I have been thinking good thoughts to you and yours through lo these many months. Sometime life will give me the opportunity to write again and reconnect with old friends. I hope that you are all fantastically well! Much love from thewildhare.

    3. Cannot look at any "foodie" information. Next week I start a complete make over regarding what and how I eat. Pounds are killing me and I must adjust my lifestyle. Wish me luck.

      Meanwhile what's the story on those boats?

    4. So glad he was able to rescue the lady with the kids locked out of the house. I'm a pretty simple style cook, and trying to watch those carbs and calories. Thanks for your list of places to peruse. Have a great weekend!

    5. Just finished City of the Sun about Cairo during WWII. Well researched and reasonably well written, but so lacking that emotion and build up to intrigue that could have held me. Now you have me curious about MORE blogs to read. Who am I kidding. The Internet takes up so much of my free time already.


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