October 24, 2014

Football Handed Me

Steam engine on it’ side.  Alaska.`

(I apologize for the lack of capitols.  One handed typing is not my forte.  This is written so I will remember.  I apologize if my surgery synopsis bothers anyone.)

We were there on time.  The prep lasted 2 hours.  G stayed for a while but was hungry and wanted coffee.  I was cranky without mine - come to think of it.  He left and they walked me in…a first.  The anesthesiologist was a little younger than me and carefully discussed my anesthesia problems with me.  Same stuff as last time was ok with me. 

I woke to Jell-O and chocolate pudding which stayed down nicely.  2 hrs in the recovery room.  Home with G to climb my stairs which didn’t work well at all.  I was reduced to groaning nausea which gratefully went away before lunch and a nap and dinner and toss and turn all night with lots of tylanol to aleve my soul.

A coughing G brought me breakfast  Enough was enough after the days of ear ache, vomiting, and now upper respiratory something.  I made him go to the doc’s who didn’t know what he had either.

Nap, type this, and read.  What more could a well bandaged old lady want.  Tonight we will watch the prerecorded finale of Project Runway. 

  • Himself:  Got pills and instructions from the doc.  At work almost all day.  Feeling better this afternoon.
  • Herself:  Pretty good if I don’t move my football of a bandage.
  • Reading:  http://www.sisterfidelma.com/main.htm sister Fidelia historical mysteries .  I’m enjoying this one, and the OR nurse was delighted to find a new-to-her volume.
  • Balance:  Pretty darned good now that himself is better.


    1. Get well, you two! That picture of the rusted steam engine is interesting...wouldn't have known what it was if you hadn't told us. Take care.

    2. Poor you. I hope you're feeling much better before too long. Sending healing thoughts your way.

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    4. One handed or two, good to see you're back.

    5. A lot of stress for both of you.
      Onward and upward now. Take it easy:)

    6. So glad the surgery went well. Sorry that you were feeling awful afterwards. Take it easy and get better. Hugs to you from me.

    7. Sending hugs and best of thoughts your way for a speedy healing. At least you have good weather and no snow or ice when you need to get outside for fresh air. Tell Geezer to drink more water...so much he has to pee at lot...maybe even a vitamin C pill or two, but probably too late for that to be effective.

    8. Yes, they overdo the bandages. Kathy is back with a blue boobie from the tracer dye. I didn't think they would knock you out for this surgery. Will find out more about it next Thursday.

      While you are recovering, read Atul Gwande's book "Better," and be happy you have such good medical care.

    9. Your husband is probably like me. He picked up a bug. Not much one can do except rest and recuperate and stay away from others.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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