October 11, 2014

Grumpy Euber Alles

We had been good humans.  Dinner, meeting, and Target also to replace more batteries that quit at work yesterday.  We wandered our way through the two story store in the valley…slowly, and got home after eight.  Tired.  Comfortable.

I was in already bed when a car alarm went off.  George went down to set up the morning coffee on its timer and discovered the car alarm sound was coming from our garage.  It was really loud.  He came running upstairs for the car keys.  And down.  Not the car.  Again he came running up the two flights of stairs for my keys as they had the clicker with them. 

Half an embarrassing hour later, he got the alarm temporarily disconnected by cutting wires and pulling fuses out.

This morning we let sleeping trucks lie and headed to our WW meeting for our weigh in before coming home to pick it up.  His first choice of alarm companies had gone out of business.  My first choice was still there.  They said they will have it removed by noon, and we can make an appointment for next week for a new alarm. 

This episode loudly adds to Grumpy’s history of adventures. 

  • Himself:  Truck is to be ready at noon.  He’s to be at work at noon.  We will see what happens.
  • Herself:  Dishes, make bed, lunch, go to Bill’s house and show him how to use Facebook, dinner and reading.
  • Reading:  The Chicago Manual of Style< and All the Weyrs of Pern.
  • Balance:  A quiet day.  I love this.


    1. Oh poor grumpy. He must need attention?

    2. Well at least you know you'll hear the alarm if anyone tries to steal the car! What type of surgery? Hope it is very minor. Still trying to figure when to come down. Hope to so before the end of the month. Can't next weekend as I have an Etiquette Lunch to present for MBA students at the college I worked at for 16 years. Wow what a run-on sentence.

    3. A relative's doctor told her that people who live in two-story (or more) homes live longer. She figures she is on a sure path to longevity, making 10 or more trips up and down daily in the new home she and her husband recently purchased. Not sure if excitement of dealing with a car alarm adds or subtracts in that equation!

    4. I still have my copy of "The Chicago Manual of Style" and my old copy of "The Associated Press Stylebook and Libel Manual." It comes out fresh each year and now titled "The Associated Press and Briefing on Media Law." I am so last decade or too ;-)

    5. The Chicago Manual of Style...I thought I was the only one who still read those things.

      Poor Grumpy -- he doesn't catch a break, does he?

    6. Oh what a rude and noisy disruption. Darn car!

    7. I don't have an alarm on my car, so I guess anyone can steal it.

    8. Alarms can be a nuisance.
      Once on writing course I threw my phone out of the window in panic because it would not shut up.


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