October 12, 2014

It's a Pink Month

Don’t put it off.  Get that mammogram.  Do it.  My best friend Jo didn’t….she went north on a trip, and only when she got back did she go to the doctor’s office.  She knew there was a lump on one breast.  She died of this cancer.

My mother had breast cancer on both sides.  My grandmother had breast cancer.  My dear friend Janey had thyroid cancer that metastasized to a breast. 

Please make an appointment.  Please don’t wait.  Please don’t put it off. 

Thank you.

Joleen running with my daughter Laka and her daughter Robin.

  • Himself:  Games, write, play, bake cake, shower, pick out a tie, go to a business meeting, go to a meeting.  Make it a good day.
  • Herself:  Remembering.  Finding and posting photos, making a cake, playing, nap, figuring out what I’m wearing tonight, all those meetings.
  • Reading:  Still, the library copy of All the Weyrs of Pern>
  • Balance:  Writing in my blog today.


    1. Thank you for reminding everyone. Two of sisters were diagnosed at within three months of each but fortunately at stage 0, I didn't know there was a stage 0. The first was at her annual exam and then the rest of us went. Waiting - not good.

    2. Two of 'my' sisters, sorry for the typo.

    3. Yearly for me. Some friends didn't. So glad you posted a reminder.

    4. There's is a lot of cancer on both sides of my family history. I'm due for a mammogram... a few months overdue in fact. I'll take your nudge and make the appointment.

    5. There was absolutely no history of breast cancer in my family, and when I was in my fifties, I had a cheap health insurance that refused a mammogram because I had no history. I don't think that's legal now.

      At sixty-four I got a better insurance and was diagnosed. I'm better, well past the ten-year point. At least my daughters now have a family history.

    6. Thanks for the reminder. Been there, done that in May.

    7. Such an important message. It has been a year, but my doctor now recommends every two years since my metabolism has slowed. Still it is important. For today I got the flu shot.

    8. Yes, yes, yes. I hate these exams, but do it. Kathy had a mammogram and found the lump herself. Moral...do self exams too.

    9. Absolutely love this photograph. So full of joy.


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