October 14, 2014

Life is Good

A display at the American Cancer Society Discovery Shop.

No Complaints at all.  I’m a bit dogged this week, but I’m not complaining about it. 

Mammogram this morning.  Now they give you a scarf, a magnet, and a pin number then tell you to go online for your results in five days.  They don’t smash you till you cry any more either.  That’s kind of exciting new stuff. 

The Great Geezer got me a thumb brace for my left hand.  I’ll try that at work tomorrow.  More new technology that seems to beat the old stuff.  Thursday’s going to be the really busy day.  I talk with the eye doc before lunch, we take Grumpy in for his new alarm noonish, and by five we need to look like “Lead Sled” folks for the Automotive Museum Opening party.  Why Thursday, I don’t know.

Life is good.  I am wearing long pants and a ¾ sleeved shirt.  Imagine.  The sky is blue with little white clouds.  Only one person tried to run me off the road.  You would be proud of me.  I didn’t give her the finger.  Best of all, it’s NCIS night here.  Life is good.


  1. Lead sled folks? Do I dare ask? And here they still bring tears to my eyes when I get the girls smashed.

  2. Tabor, I find it not to be as bad as it used to be on the girls. In any case, still necessary evil, right?

  3. Simple pleasures. I love them.

  4. "Life is Good." Nice that you can say that. It makes me smile.

    Love the image you chose! All those variations of pink fit nicely with your optimism.

  5. Mammograms have become a lot more comfortable over the past 25 years. Results can be shared via computer -- no more carrying films from place to place. Ad it must be easier on the staff, because the techs are much gentler and sympathetic now. They even laugh with me about "Waist" and "Knee."

  6. I like the way you write! I came to visit from Tabor. I get the girls smashed every year because my mom died of breast cancer. (It still hurt let year...)

    1. Nice to meet you Barb. I do volunteer work for the American Cancer Society because my best friend then later another died of breast cancer.


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