October 15, 2014

More Things

Grumpy visiting Dale Craig.

I hope I am home when Margot comes to visit tomorrow.  After my dip in the pool and breakfast, I see the eye doc and take Grumpy to  the Alarm company.  I’ll take a book with me when I drive over as there is no one to pick me up or come get me again. 

Lunch, and I’m free until four thirty when I start dressing for the “Lead Sled” show.    George says he is dissapointed because these craftsman cars are much like the ones two shows ago.  Yes, I will take pictures.

  • Himself:  G’s feeding and playing with the neighbors three kitties again until the 24th
  • Herself:  I told my boss the new surgery date, but she seemed surprised to see me.  Played well with books, walked many laps in the water, and half made dinner.  It was good anyway…but not thinning.
  • Reading:  Sue Grafton’s B is for Burglar.
  • Balance:  Playing with books works every time.


    1. Politics are nasty here too. I decided ny vote eight years ago when the extreme elements in his own party went after my Senator. Moderates are often persecuted by both sides. Yes, lunch. Blew my points yesterday but we had fun at the deli bakery. Sometimes you got to. Nice photo.

    2. Thanks Mage, I am trying to get out and take more pictures, so out of practice. My old header was many moons old. I repeatedly enjoy Sue Grafton.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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