October 20, 2014

Of Mice and Men

Poolie was commenting last month on how few folks were stopping by her blog these days. I find that my visitor count is about the same, but my notes are few. I think that journaling and blogging have become an old folks sport while the young have migrated over to Instagram and Tweeting. Perhaps the young are even moving away from Facebook….which is a shame.
I realize that everyone is saturated by breast cancer awareness these days; but I was truly sorry that my post generated only one comment in a 24 hour period. There was more content than just breast cancer.
Today I write about the flu. The Great G seems to have a mild version of it despite having had the flu shot. Grumpy’s dome lights and outside work lights wouldn’t turn on after the installation of the alarm. So with G sick, it was my job to take Grumpy to the alarm company. After a brief pause in the back of the shop, the installation person called me to look at the dashboard. There’s a tiny override button, you see. And “despite driving Grumpy for all those years, I’d never pushed it,” I told the young man….
….feeling very foolish. Of course. You would think you would know a vehicle if you drove it for twenty years.

  • Himself: Told work he was sick between trips to the bathroom. Wore a Mickey Mouse tie to last nights meeting…where they say he has to wear a tie. Perhaps that was an opinion.
  • Herself: Swam. Waiting for the weather to decide what it’s doing. Rain? Heat?
  • Reading: ”Shroud for the Archbishop,” Tremayne. Pretty good so far.
  • Balance: My tummy is fine, for which I am grateful. Margot called to tell me two things she remembered that I did well as a mother.  Did I say "OY!"


  1. I love to hear a thing or two I did well when I was a mother. Yes, I also messed up, but...
    Hope you stay well, and G recovers soon.

  2. My comments do vary and I think it is because people are busy. My low comments are certainly not because I am a bore!! Give Geezer a hands up from me. I had a mild flu so can sympathize...before my shot, so I cannot blame that.

  3. Ah, the reassurance from our children that we did do something right! Haven't had our flu shots yet, but will get them when we return from our vacation.

  4. The comments we generate don't always reflect the content of the posts. Sometimes there's nothing to add.. sometimes we just don't get around for a visit that day.

    I like that the Geezer wore a Mickey Mouse tie to a meeting.

  5. The granddaughter I worried about led a meeting last week. Hope this continues. Richard says the weather is gorgeous out your way. I hope so.

  6. I tried Twitter, but didn't like the shortness of it. I prefer to write paragraphs, not single sentences. Lol.
    I guess I will stick with blogging for now.

  7. Hope G feels better soon.

    Have had my car for over a year and a half and still can't work the cruise control.

  8. Oddly I had a mildish reaction to the 'flu jab. Maybe it I a stronger one this year.


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