October 31, 2014

Oh, I laughed when I stood up to zip my pants.

Frankly, I was surprised to discover that I couldn’t fasten my levis while wearing my football sized bandages so I wore good pants to lunch with Schmidley.  Lunch was a treat.  But, I refuse to wear my good, dress, expensive pants every day.  I flat out will not wear PJ’s every day out into the world either.  

She’s sticking to her Weight Watchers while I seem to be growing in breadth.

We ate wonderful, fattening things, dashed by the local Bookstar/Barnes & Noble for a book she wanted to give her son, then did a slow walk through at the Discovery shop.  Yes, the books were a mess.   

Tostada Jalisco.  It was really great stuff.

She yawned and yawned still tired from her flight, but we kept our talking up for about three hours.  What a wonderful visit.  If she really refuses to fly out here anymore, I may have to go visit Schmidley in Arlington every once in a while.  It’s a sneaky way to see the museums again too.

  • Himself:  G came down and met Schmidley and son, chatted a bit.  Worked hard with the new account all afternoon.  I think he’s loving these quiet, cooler days.
  • Herself:  So enjoyed visiting with the new and vitalized Schmidley, loved the food, but will go pants shopping this morning.  My two really good pair of pants are not everyday fodder.
  • Reading:  Finished a mystery anthology now on to “C” is for…
  • Balance:  Playing on line and trying not to think of playing in the pool.  Hearing from both work and pool friends.  Was able to help with dinner last night.


    1. I think your dish was better. Wonderful visit.

    2. Nice to see you two. That plate looks delicious. Happy Halloween.

    3. How lovely! I had the great pleasure of meeting Diane last year. She is a lovely lady and looks like you two had fun.

    4. Mage, looks like you had a great visit. That plate of salad looks really yummy. Good luck with the pants!

    5. You can always come an hour south to visit here and just sit. I will try to cook healthy food, but no promises.

    6. Oh what fun you two must have had. I would have loved to been along on this outing. The food looks so good, too.

    7. Hopefully after my diet quarantine next week I can send you all my big pants....however, your food looked awfully good....just sayin'.

    8. What a nice visit! And the food looked delicious, too.


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