October 22, 2014

Tomorrow and Tomorrow

Tea with honey please
I smile as you pour
from the round table
by the long windows

you smile back as
I wait, watching the world
wake, the rising sun
turn the sky to blue

The fogs move back
out to sea while I sit
waiting on the

  • Himself:  Feeling better now.  Ate dinner, had ice cream, but he still sounds pathetic.  Three NCIS’s now.  That’ll perk him up even further.

  • Herself:  I feel fine.  Done all the pre-op for the second time now.  (Leave partial, leave jewelry, take these meds, go to second floor.)  One new question: “ Have you traveled in the last two weeks.”  “No I hadn’t,” I could answer.  Now I have a pile of papers and reminder notes to take with me.  Another new one was to shower with antibacterial soap.

  • Reading:  An old short story book of Anne McCaffrey’s.  It was just sitting there when I headed out for PT at seven.  Now finishing a Sister somebody from 750 ad.  A little dry.

  • Balance:  Feeling in a holding pattern until eight tomorrow.  Grateful I get to go to work today.


    1. Lovely tea set....think I'll join you! ;-)

    2. I am going to have to work on my "pathetic".

    3. I got the same questions when I showed up in person to change the date of an appointment, have I or any of my family or friends been out of the country. Nope. Glad you're feeling well, and I'll be thinking about you tomorrow.

    4. Take care and good luck. Just got my estimate from the plumber for a shower redo...$2800...eek! I may never travel again.

    5. Your tight little tea poem makes me think you are turning a new page. You seem in a fine new place before this next challenge.

    6. Tea set and words lovely. Thinking of you tomorrow.

    7. I have just found you and am a bit confused about what is happening today but I shall be thinking of you also. I have only gone back a little bit to explore since you showed up on my blog this week. Hope everything goes very well for you.

    8. The tea pot and cups are very pretty. Good luck.

    9. I'm reminded of Afternoon Tea at an old hotel. I had the pleasure of sitting at that table recently, with the sun coming in the window behind me.

      Take care.

    10. All over now:) I'm reading backwards.
      Re china I have just been painting the inside of a china cupboard holding family china which I carefully washed - and broke a willow pattern plate I used to eat off as a child. It was cracked.


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