November 10, 2014

Bay Fragments

Out of the house and up to the top of the point.  With cameras.  Much better than staying home and playing on the computers.

We clambered around on the San Salvador for the first time.


We took a quick tour of the bay on the 100 year old Pilot.

Buoy 22, seals, and the Reagan in the background.

The brand new Link: USNS Montford Point….a most unusual ship.

The underside of the flight deck of the USS Midway.

  • Himself:  He’s gymed, laundered, dished, made bread, and been at work since 8.  Comic Con isn't expensive at all, but getting tickets is a very difficult thing.  This year a button he clicked didn't let him get a second set of tickets. 
  • Herself:  What can I say.
  • Reading:  Nothing book-wise.  I’ve got to fix that right away.  Reading a lot about the Edmund Fitzgerald on line this morning.  39th Anniversary of its sinking.


    1. Sorry about the ticket issue, I was sure it would be expensive since it was so popular. You need to get closer to the ticket place when you do your purchase...isn't that was the brokers do? Set up their servers right next to Wall Street?

    2. I loved your pictures of the lighthouse, the buoy and the boats. Good job!

    3. We had a fun time being tourists last Sunday.

    4. Seals, everywhere you look, seals. We ate at a restaurant in La Jolla overlooking a beach they had invaded. What a stinky bunch of critters. Folks try to blame the birds who congregate there, but its the seals.
      Otherwise, beautiful shots in your photogenic city.

    5. Beautiful shots! What kind of camera do you have/use?


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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