November 4, 2014

Before and Middle...

Mage with Dr. Peterson

Off came the half cast, stitches, and bandages, then X-rays, and now a purple short cast. It’s just fine. No sign of infection. I can go to work….one handedly, and I can type. Four weeks in purple, then I begin physical therapy.

  • Himself: Took time to go with me this morning…and was much appreciated. Work at 7 then work through lunch. He’s taking me to dinner at Costco.
  • Herself: I can do a slice of pizza, elevate hand too. Read. Wearing a lot of purple in the next four weeks.
  • Reading: Discovered Val McDermid….really excellent writing.
  • Balance: Only one more check-up-Doctor’s-appointment with this doc.  One more with another doc, and I will be done for the year. That’s balance.


  1. Glad you are mending well. Love the purple accents too. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  2. I can see by your face that you are very optimistic in this process thus far. Good news, because attitude is more than half the battle. Keep moving ALL the parts of your body...keep moving!

  3. Any child going to A&E with broken bones these days gets a choice of cast colour - no boring white for todays broken kids lol

    Purple - was it a really bad time for you?

  4. So happy you are mending well, and how nice of the doc to post for your blog. How special to pick a color for your wrapping!

  5. Congrats on your purple promotion.

  6. I have a couple of doc visits left this year. Envy here. Purple is a good color I think. Great photos by George.

    Onward and upward, I think.

  7. Tabor is right.
    Nice to be colour co-ordinated.
    The Doc looks jolly:)


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