November 3, 2014

Don't Forget to Vote!

I flat out like busy months, and November looks like it will be a very busy month.  Tomorrow is cast off, wrapping off, and hopefully everything is ok inside the bandages day.  Something is sticking in there, and the hand is hot.  I worry.

Tomorrow is voting day…unless you have already sent your ballot in.  We have a nasty race here in our town for the senate.  Perhaps I should have closed my eyes and stuck a pin in the ballot.  Instead I actually voted my convictions, and mailed it in before I could have a second thought.

Then there’s all the stuff going on at the shop.  We save all year for our holiday boutique, and mid-month we set up the displays.  Four days of Holiday Boutique follow.  I’m hoping I can get in there and price the last of the holiday books so they too can go out into the lovely chaos. 

Costco has holiday stuff out as does JCPenny’s, Target, and the malls.  I understand but don’t agree.  All this stuff out before Halloween?  We aren’t even seeing Thanksgiving on the horizon here…just skip right to the green and red and blue.  Maybe more orange.  Ugh.

For Thanksgiving, we are off to a potluck somewhere.  For Christmas, we are thinking of running away perhaps on a ship.  Though we hide a lot from holidays, we do vote.


  1. I love being busy too, but the holiday season is SOOO much work at the museum. A little bit too busy.

  2. I love the holidays. All of them until the Solstice. Home again. Had a great visit. Probably gained weight too, but not weighing again until next Sunday. haha. good luck with the hand.

  3. For the first time in my life I see persons touting a party rather than individual candidates. This will get our country no where and it frightens me to think of simply marking a "D" or an "R" and have it done. Tomorrow I will vote but feel alone in my varied decisions.

  4. My eldest is off setting up for Christmas in the St. Vinnies he works in too. I wish we had holidays confined to the month they occur in. Hope your hand is well.

  5. Thanksgiving does not bring in enough money for us to honor it. Halloween is costumes, candy and lots of liquor for crazy parties. Christmas is the holiday puts profit in most stores annual statements. So, my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving will get short shrift once again.

  6. Got my voting in, but thanks for the reminders...frustrating as the elections might be! We will spend Thanksgiving day with some friends, as my children are all helter skelter away from here. Hope all is okay with your hand.

  7. Thanksgiving will bring kids and grand kids here. That is one of the two times we have them together each year, and we decorate the tree together. Together times are among the things for which I am thankful. Best with the hand.

  8. I am willing to extend some leeway to stores like Costco because they sell to other businesses and, therefore, need a longer lead time. But I would be happy to avoid all merchandising until January.

  9. I always find it depressing to see the Christmas displays when they first appear because it's much too early. Then by the time it's appropriate, I'm sick of them. ;) I think you have the right idea about getting away.

    I hope all goes well with your unveiling tomorrow.


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