November 8, 2014

Saturday Live

Comic Con 2015 isn’t starting out well. 

He signed in to the Comic Con site at 0730, and my badge ID was allowed in the cyber room to buy tickets right at 0900.  He bought a four day pass for me.  He also checked the box saying he wanted to buy tickets for two.  The site wouldn’t let him do this.

Back to his badge ID page, and an hour later the site allowed him to buy only a one day ticket.   My reminder that it took two tries to get tickets this year didn’t mollify the steam and flames coming from the other side of the computer table.

I’m ducking.

  • Himself:  Off to work shortly.

  • Herself:  Going to tidy up after truly slobbish me then read while elevating my arm.

  • Reading:  A fascinating compendium titled: The Virago Book of Food: The Joy Of Eating.  Quotes on and bout food from many centuries that have me reading the book in bits and starts.  It’s a keeper.

  • Balance:  Staying out of G’s way for a while.


    1. Well, with a careful smile on my lips, I must admit he is quite a looker when he has flames coming out around him. Just tell yourself that you are lucky to be able to even afford this event!

    2. Gee, I would be upset too.
      Hope things work out.

    3. I'm so sorry to hear that G didn't get his choice....guess next year he will get his tickets first!

    4. Funny how men don't really relish being reminded of things like that:)

    5. Ha ha. Boy did we have fun with the chocolate. Will take me a while to get back on the downward side of losing weight.

      Sorry for your woes. Seems everybody likes Comic Con.

      PS Avoiding FB for a while. Too many friends upset with the elections and casting aspersions on the winners.

    6. Ah, what a gift and a plague are online tickets.

    7. Has the 'all clear' sounded yet??

      That's the trouble with popular events - everyone wants to make sure they get the tickets they want so on the first day available the sites are overloaded and dont work properly which results in many unhappy campers.

      Heres hoping it all turned out the way you wanted it to later in the day

    8. I don't understand at all. Maybe you both need to be on different computers at the same time?

    9. What goes on there? How expensive is it? Inquiring minds....


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