November 27, 2014

San Diego Thanksgivings

Happy Thanksgiving to you all.  Sharing a few of ours:

1958:  At number 20, Second Avenue:  Left to Right: Thomas E Barnum's arm, Margaret Barnum Gunthorp (Madge), Charles Lawrence Gunthorp (Gunny), and Maude Robson Gunthorp.              


1968: On Shelter Island at the Bali Hai with service members from the USO: Margaret Millicent Gunthorp (Maggie) 2nd from Left, Bobbie Moline 4th from Left, Margaret Barnum Gunthorp (Madge) in red pointing to the ceiling.      

1980: At the last cottage on Lotus Street: Margaret Millicent Gunthorp Hawkins (Mage) looking out the back window over the back yard buffet.                              

1985: At Maggie and Bob’s Point Loma Apartment:  Margaret Millicent Gunthorp Dowd (now Maggie) on left. John Bailey in brown...father of George Bailey, George bailey husband of Margaret Millicent Gunthorp Hawkins Bailey, and Ruby Bailey mother of George.


  1. Love the old photos. I thought my full given name was bad, but yours is better. Hardly recognize G.

  2. Lovely photos. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. Looks like a happy, well fed crowd!

  4. Great photos! I just realized we took no photos at all this year!? To busy gabbing. And eating.

  5. Great photos. Not sure I recognize you in all of them?? Very few photos were taken by me this year. Much time was spent being a sou chef...upon which I may...or may

  6. Hope you enjoyed your special day - and that all important special meal


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