November 12, 2014

Silly Me

The ocean side of Point Loma from the Lighthouse.

Rather than leaping up, bagging my cast, showering then breakfasting, I’ve been tucked in bed rushing through Kathy Reichs' Grave Secrets.  It was one of those, I had to know the ending mornings.  Instead of a delightfully introspective blog entry, you get to have a vision of me rushing through my early morning hours.

Silly me.

  • Himself:  Feels great and has had some pretty good days at work.  Got a couple of days off work at Christmas, so he has booked us on a 4 day Carnival cruise to Catalina and nowhere.  We will get to Margot’s late Christmas morning.  Instead of for an early breakfast, we will be there for lunch.  Changed my morning foodstuff.
  • Herself:  A little puttering here and there.  Lots of reading.
  • Reading:  Reichs.
  • Balance:  is feeling good physically.

    1. Glad you are feeling perky today...enjoy your book!

    2. Sounds like a perfect morning to me.

    3. I used to love reading Kathy Reichs books. Now I am trying to remember how to spell he last name.

    4. haha. It's been a while since I have read a book. Now, it's only the news and blogs.

    5. Why do I feel warm and cozy and envious when I read about a blogger snuggled in bed and reading a great book, but if it is me I feel lazy and guilty?


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