November 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday

Chilly morning bundled under the covers with the coffee on the window sill, 1977

He headed off to work well before 0630 this morning.  Up the coast to a Thanksgiving office party.  They kept urging him to come, and pressured he went.  I get to spend the day by myself.  I’m looking forward to this.

I have a giant project started at last.  Putting all my many years of photos in order on my hard drive.  I started with G’s pictures late yesterday.  And got some done.  Why I didn’t standardize them when I saved them, I don’t know.  Instead of “0024 scan” or Coffee cup, 1977,” I need to rename them and put the date first. “1977 Abbot street windowsill.”  Frankly, I admit it is a truly boring job.

I have dishes.  He’s been doing them; today I will see how I do one handed.  I have a book: “New Tricks” by David Rosenfelt.  I’m dressed.  We got the heavy quilt out yesterday as we are in the 40’s at night now.  I’ll make the bed and play housewife when I am not raising my hand in the air.   

Life is certainly not boring, and I have been saying thank you a lot lately.

  • Himself:  Up in Carlsbad.  Took a fruit salad with him.
  • Herself:  Posted all the places I said I would.  Full of gratitude.
  • Reading:  ”New Tricks” by Rosenfelt.
  • Balance:  Talked with my friend who is recreating herself yesterday.


    1. Good job with the photos. I just finished putting dates first on all the photos off my hard drive and storing them on Dropbox for now. Corrected or added titles too. A lot of work except that it's fun to see some those pictures I haven't looked at for years, good memories, but then that was point. Hope you heal well.

    2. I am somewhat organized with photos but still have the older ones to do. My problem is that many are on Cds, some on flash drives, most on the hard drive back-up and some in the cloud for which I pay a small amount. Can you say undecided and trying to cover all bases.

    3. Forgot to comment that I really like that sketch. It is cozy and warm.

    4. The sketch is really neat...looks like a great cup of hot cocoa on a snowy day.

    5. I've been mostly running around today, getting me and the dogs groomed. David got his bratwurst (2 of them) at Heidelberg bakery. Spent the rest of the day on my family tree. Found more soldiers from the American Revolution. What a fractious lot they were.

    6. And I love your kind of art.

    7. you need to post more of your drawings

    8. These days, I have Lightroom rename my new photos with the date first. Other than that, the older ones are pretty well sorted into yearly folders, and monthly folders within if they're not too old.

    9. The sketch is great.

    10. So much easier when there are two of you. As long as its the right one.


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