November 22, 2014

Whadda Mess!

I really owe the Great Geezer an apology.  Not only have I been vastly self-centered and selfish with my wrist focus, I’m trailing through his life making messes.  This pile is one he hasn’t cleaned up.

He’s been making breakfast and lunches, he’s been washing the dishes the moment they arrive in the kitchen, and he’s been carrying things, chopping things, and or taking us out to dinner.  The house is a far tidier place than if I were in charge. 

He leaves my book piles alone. 

I have been shelving my books or returning my books once I have read them.  This mountain of readers is mostly unread awaiting my attention.  Really.  Only one is a food anthology, there’s a couple of bios, and the new Saving Italy is down one pile next to the first Rosenfelt.

The whole is really like a gooey, messy, chocolate and whipped cream dessert.  I take a bite here and savor it before moving on to the next bite.  Wonderful, magical flavors right there next to where I am raising my hand to reduce the swelling.  Easy access delight. 

Perhaps I might get the necessary bowl with my meds off the pile of dessert and into a drawer though.

  • Himself:  Out to breakfast while Marta is here.  Work, dinner, games.
  • Herself:  I was thinking of taking a couple of books to the park while G works and going to see the show at the Mingei.  New show there.
  • Reading:  Rosenfelt.
  • Balance:  Holding my hand in the air.  LOL


    1. Glad you have some major help from your care taker!

    2. Is that Rosenfelt or Roosevelt? Never got to the Mingii, although now that SD is recycling its sewer water into drinking water, I will have to think about that long and hard.

      Too many people makes for a total environmental mess also.

    3. Everyone should have such a Geezer!

    4. Lucky you to have such a good hubby.

    5. All I can see is that magnificent dresser!!!! Wow, what a prize.

    6. you're right, the focus is off on the camera

    7. My books are like children getting totally out of hand! That is really my biggest mess. It used to be magazines also, but I have cut the subscription to almost all of those. Looks Santa is going to be very nice to Geezer this year!

    8. He sounds a paragon. Enjoy:)
      I'm reading 'No more words' - I think - because of you. Thank you

    9. Geezer is a winner. Hugs to you both.

    10. Books are meant to be stacked. Keep that wrist in the air.


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