December 5, 2014

1983 Card

1983 Christmas Card.  Me, Tom, Laka, Margot, and George.

The card for 1984 is better.  Then again, I started college that year and became an abstract expressionist.  No more cards.  LOL

I was thinking of joining the Black and White photo brigade.  I’ve got some really good ones.  We will see if I can come up with 30 good B&W images for Facebook.  Retirement gives me time to play at my arts.  The tree is sitting on my work table, so I need to find some other medium. 

Photography will do very well.

  Gym, work, meeting tonight.  Tomorrow the Balboa Park Holiday Lights is on, and I will be working the door again.  G will be chasing kids and grownups off cars.  It’s a great museum and a nice thing to do is volunteer.
  • Herself:  Dribbles of donations today  Just enough for my hand to handle.  .  Meeting tonight.  Tomorrow “Holliday Lights.”  Sunday: Bake a cake.  Retirement is freedom.
  • Reading:  ”Destined to Witness,” by Hans J. Massaquoi tells of growing up under Hitler’s thumb black in Germany.

  • Balance:  Today was getting so much done at the store.

    1. Will you convert your photos to B&W or are you using B&W only. I look forward to learning from you! Seriously.

    2. I remember this one too. I sure wish I had saved them. Actually I did save them for awhile but think they got lost in moving from San Diego to Denver, from Denver to L.A. Sad.

    3. Read Massaquoi's book. I liked it very much.

    4. I really love your drawings from past years. Photography may be easier, but you have a talent for telling a story with your pencil.

    5. I love that card. You are a gifted artist.

    6. The lights at the White House are on also. Love looking at the national Christmas tree at night.

    7. You really are an incredible artist, Mage!!! I'm in awe of your talent!

    8. This is very pleasantly arty. Carry on.

    9. Yes you certainly are talented.
      I have about 20 cards that I could never throw away and they come out each year. They are either hand- made or no longer with us. Sometimes both.


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