December 30, 2014

2014 Christmas Cruise 4: Christmas day and after

We woke just in time to have breakfast before taking a walking tour of the ship.  Walking.  A continued a problem thoughout these four days, but today I started my adventure with two Ibuprofen.  That really helped. 

Down to the galley first; the trip led by training officer Jeanette.  The ship is an older ship but the mechanics of it are liked by the crew. There is a huge, on story galley fitted between two dining rooms.  We were lead through it all by the head chef and saw the store rooms, salad and appetizer areas, cool storage, meats, fish, breakfast area, and patisserie.  The desert chef gave us a dramatic showing of cakes.  Met sous chefs and learned how little waste there is on this ship.  So very clean.

It was a most informative tour, but for the first time on any ship, we had to pay for it.  And too, we were accompanied by security and not allowed to take pictures.

After this clean metal on clean metal tour stop, we were down many flights of stairs to the engine control room which was absolutely fascinating.  The chief engineer told and showed us how much of it worked, and attempted to explain the size and complexity of the six engines.  A light green…so like the NS Savanah which I got to go on when she was in the James River.

From that stop, we rose up to the center walk way where everything is moved, shuffled, and taken in or off the ship.  From there to the crew, staff, and officers messes.  Stopped at the training area for a bathroom break.  I was really grateful.

The last stop was up to the bridge to meet the captain.  It was our first time on any bridge.  The captain took great care to explain how the ship worked, and the atmosphere was truly hushed.

The officers are Italian.  The Chef as Indian, and the Chief Engineer was English as was the training officer.  A multicultural crew with a primary language of English. 

After lunch on the lido, he headed to the casino and I to doze over the laptop.  There was little for us to do after lunch.  Perhaps the Cruise Director’s cold slowed his planning.  Dinner was ok.  No great show in the show room.  No games or other entertainments.  The dancers and singers left the ship in Ensenada, and two commedians flew on.  That’s what they call them.  Fly On’s.  One was funny, and one was not.  We packed and went to see the funny one.  Rather a letdown when I had hoped for a Show of Shows.

In the morning, we were first off and glided off the ship right on to the car.  We stopped in Escondido to see the daughter there and Granddaughter.  Presents from the Oregon family were opened, and we headed home skipping the carefully and beautifully laid out breakfast.  No hunger, just an incoming common cold.  I was so sorry.


  1. Sounds relaxing and fun. Good on you!

  2. How could you skip that lovely breakfast. I want those plates! Love the photo of the two draped in each others arms. That is Christmas, just enjoying company. You are a Renaissance woman, art and ship engines!

  3. Gorgeous plates! That was quite a tour trek of the ship, good for you, I'd have pooped out.

  4. Love that blue and white china.

  5. Sounds good. A vacation that you do at your own pace.

    Pre-emptive medication -- taking something before pain starts -- is one of the lessons I learned some ten years ago, when I was in chemo. Nothing you ever learn is wasted. 8-)

  6. I have followed your cruise although I haven't known what to say about it. It was probably a nice break for you all in all even though it was not perfect.

  7. I would not like it if told I could not take photos. Whay a bummer.


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