December 28, 2014

2014 Christmas Cruise: Day Two



Day two: Catalina:

Both of us fall more in love with Catalina every time we visit.  We took a tour through the Catalina Island Conservancy instead of the ship tours…a jeep tour with the manager leading the tour himself.  I learned with this sort of independent tour that you can ask for other itineraries if you are the only customers.  We had done the ‘to the airport and back tour’ before, but this time we were the only patrons.  We still learned a lot more detail that we had known before.

Catalina Island is noted for it's tiles.

We were to phone and visit with Margot’s friend Mary in the afternoon.  Once we got off the shuttle, we discovered that we didn’t have her number right.  On the third call to the mainland and daughter Margot, Mary herself called us back with the right number.  She’s spending a week on the island with her family.  Two houses full of family.

Mary the delightful.

When we got back, we took her away from them all for an hour and had wonderful conversation in several spots.  Wandering and window shopping, G’s camera strap snapped, we found a substitute, he bought an “Old Guys Rule” T-shirt which balanced the historical book I bought on Catalina, then we tendered back to the ship with the longest wait to get off ever.

Dressed up for dinner, and my new ruffled silk shirt was a hit with me….it did have a tendency to drop very low in front tho.

Boarding the ship.

Squeeking bumpers.


  1. Squeeking bumbers was the best! Here's looking at you. Love all the other photos, though. My trip to Catalina was in summer and the man we were visiting told me to stay near the lab as the country was full of rattlesnakes!

  2. Loved the tile photos especially. Wish we integrated more of it here in our buildings.

  3. Great pictures, and thanks for sharing. Have not been to Catalina, but now must go for sure!

  4. Oh how fun! Squeaking bumpers and all!


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