December 13, 2014


I shouldn’t anticipate, I know, but today I am.

Later today, I’m driving up to the VA Hospital in La Jolla and meeting a group from my Sunday Night meeting at the main entrance.  They “take a meeting” to those in treatment out there once a month.  Last night, I asked two guys who are in the VFW program what they thought.  They replied that the folks out there like it a lot. 

At least I know where the front door is, and I know how to get there.  Everything else has changed since I went out there. 

George is off to the museum from noon to four then we are out to dinner, or eating dinner here at home, before we go out.  Yes, out to the theater.  We never do anything like that, but today we are.  Rather exciting, actually.  A dual purpose outing.

We are going to go to the restored Balboa Theater to see the Gay Men’s Chorus sing their holiday program.  I’ve never been in this theater at all.  I hear it’s spectacular, and I’m looking forward to seeing what they have done with this long abandoned structure.  It’s attached to one side of the dramatic, architecturally successful, Horton Plaza shopping mall.  The mall was one of the triggers that revitalized the core of our downtown.  We should have gone to something here sooner, but George turns purple when faced with $72.00 balcony seats.

The Chorus…several of our friends were involved with it at the height of the AIDS Epidemic.  The last time I saw them sing, the group was a very small, much decimated group of voices.  Now they seem a good sized gathering of men again.  One of the old Lifeguards from the Plunge sings with them, and it will be a special link for me.

I asked friend Nan from the Discovery Shop what to wear, and she replied, “Anything at all.  Even levis.”  Imagine.

  • Himself:  Survived a long day with a commute, and reported that his company will be moving down the coast.  ByJune, he may be a daily commuter.
  • Herself:  Only one donation on this rainy day.  I priced things instead and hope that our regular pricer Bill is enjoying his two weeks in Hawaii.
  • Reading:  A romance that isn’t.  I really hate nasty people even if they are fictional.
  • Balance:  Sunshine.


    1. A few years back, David and I traveled to Bethesda Hospital to serve on a panel informing new resident doctors and nurses about the family disease of alcoholism. Very interesting. David worked in the treatment ward of several different hospitals here, in MD and in DC.

      Gay men's Chorus is performing here too. Wonder if they are related to your group?

    2. Dress has certainly changed. Anything goes for the most part.

    3. Helping the veterans in any way never seems to go unappreciated. Merry Christmas Mage.

    4. Enjoy the music and the theater. Most of the audiences I are very casual in dress, not that I get out much lately. But sometimes its fun to dress up anyway even if its your best levis. Merry Christmas.

    5. I think I have posted in the past of my desire to get dressed up to go to the Kennedy Center when we first moved here and was told I didn't really need to as some folks wore jeans. I think that actually happens less now with most venues. Went to see Mannheim Steamroller last night...good seats and yes, expensive. They are much diminished with age and now have an East coast and West coast team. It was fun, but not at all like the time we saw them about 8 years ago.

    6. That is such a sweet thing. Taking the meeting like that. You rock!


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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