December 17, 2014

Hamburger, Hamburger

I’m attempting to join the 30 in 30 black and white photo group.  The biggest struggle I’ve had is clarifying this Hodad’s double hamburger with cheese. 

The first attempt didn’t look like a hamburger any more.  This second attempt has a little Padres logo paper around it to set it off slightly.  All I have is one shot to work from.  It’s amazing how much definition color gives an image.  Ansel Adams was still working on one shot he took decades earlier at the time of his death. 

I shan’t give up either.

  • Himself:  Gym, work, play.

  • Herself:  Book day today.  I’m wearing my thumb brace, but I’ve had to line it as my skin there is uber sensitive.

  • Reading:  Nothing at this exact moment.  Amazing.
  • Weather:  Here, wonderful pouring rain, no flooding, but the rest of the state is getting washed away.

  • Balance:  A much loved grandson called.  You will never know how jazzed I am, G is too.  We were thinking his mom read my yesterday’s blog.  Breakfast the Sunday after we get back to find out how he is.


    1. Hurray for the grandson. What a wonderful Christmas gift!! I can rarely change a photo to black and white unless the photo is super super good! Let me know if there is a trick. Have spent the last two hours trying to Chromecast my TV as my first step in weaning myself from cable. It is not working as I have an elaborate sound system and I cannot get sound when I cast the laptop to the TV. Oh well.

    2. LOVE black and white photography. Don't give up.

    3. Looks good -- good enough to make me want one.

    4. I can certainly tell its a hamburger!

    5. That is a monster burger. You certainly chose a difficult subject to launch your b and w series. I am impressed. May your happy grandson moments set the tone for many more Christmas joys.

    6. we might have to go back to Hodads with a camera for a meal.

    7. Much as I enjoy black and white photography... the hamburger would look more appetizing in color, I think.

    8. Catching up. Yes black and white are different. I appreciate these old photos more and more.


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