December 4, 2014


Christmas day 1981 in the cottage.

The first day at work without the cast went well except for the broken rib.  Yes, I said that.

Yes, I leaned over the arm of my favorite chair, and when I couldn’t reach what I dropped, I leaned harder.  Snap.  I’ll call the doc later today and see if she wants to add anything to my diet.

Happier topics.  I think we are ready for the holiday.  I have to send an email note out…maybe.  I still have to pack, I still have to use my hand lightly, but right now everything seems in balance.  What more could one want.

1981 Christmas Card…only Laka was still at home.

  • Himself:  Gym, work, comfort.
  • Herself:  The Glen Campbell film isn’t scheduled for San Diego.  Darn.  We are scheduled for a Jeep tour of Catalina Island.  They don’t tape ribs any more.  Life is pretty darned good.
  • Reading:  A book about growing up black in Hitler’s Germany during the war years: "Destined to Witness," by Hans J. Massaquoi.

  • Balance:  Not using my hand a lot.

    1. Ouch, that snapped rib does not sound too good.

      Your photo of Christmas past is quite lovely and peaceful. May you find peace and quiet and love in this current season, too.

    2. I get involved in the holidays and you go and break a rib sitting in a chair!! Dear Lord, please take care on this trip. ;-)

    3. Forgot to comment on how lovely the sketch was. Really can feel the joy in the two/you. Take the Aleve, you will survive and get over it!

    4. Best kind of Christmas card. Heal soon and be careful.

    5. So nice that you create your cards. I do mine on Shutterfly!

    6. I take it you would not appreciate a little tickle then!!

      Taken the pain in the side could be a nuisance will there be a problem with taking a ride in a Jeep?

    7. Yikes! Those ribs. Hope you are not too uncomfortable.

    8. Happy to hear I am not the only one reading books about Hitler and his times. Broken rib, been there. but I took a tumble down the stairs...crack. After I refused the pain killers, nurse betty said,"you'll just have to suck it up," So I did.

      Good luck. BTW introverts feel more pain than extroverts. Read that this week in the NYTimes.

      PS love the drawing.

    9. My mother fell and broke 3 ribs last year. She was in pain for a while, but is now okay.

    10. Love the card.
      I'm packing too. Very slowly - I still have a week to go and its complicated as we fly to the cruise and afterwards I'm in freezing London.
      I know that 'reaching down' and so does my gammy shoulder.
      Take care.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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