December 1, 2014

Snippets of the Season

  • It’s world AIDS Day.  Please don’t forget.  There will be ceremonies all over the world to remember those who have died of AIDS.  There will be moments like that of Mama’s Kitchen here, above, to remember those who died and still suffer from AIDS.  So many friends.  Such brilliance lost.

  • Here, the Christmas tree is decorated, massive numbers of boxed decorations are in a pile to go to the store, and the remaining five boxes are up in our attic.  Bedroom’s dusted too.  Many years ago, when our plastic tree began outgassing and dying, I would spend a week hiding its defects under Christmas balls.  This year putting the balls on only took a few hours.  I sat downstairs with the tree for a while yesterday just enjoying the space.

  • Mr Shoptillyoudrop finished all the family Christmas shopping yesterday.  He found bargains, arranged wrapping, and delivery all from online.  After we had gone out to view the product….of course.  I have to do some fast wrapping this morning as the oldest child will be arriving shortly.

  • My cast comes off tomorrow.  I cannot imagine how dear G has lived with me and the cast outgassing.  I never remember my leg cast smelling this bad….did I say that?  I can hardly wait.


    1. Sounds like it's time for that cast to come off!

    2. I remember when my daughter had a near body cast on when she was eight with a cutout for her to potty. Whew! Ripe! Good luck with getting it off and being more mobile.

    3. How can a leg smell bad? My foot in a cast 50 years that was bad.

      Good luck with you new hand.

    4. I didn't know that this is World Aids Day. It makes me think of a Bob, who I worked with in 1989-1992. It was a pleasure knowing him.

      Stinky leg? I'm glad your journey is nearing its end!

    5. It is amazing that we tend to forget AIDS and those who have suffered and are suffering. Thanks for reminding us to be cognizant of this still devastating disease.

      I swear I thought the next paragraph started "My Shoplifting finished"...instead of "Mr Shoptilyoudrop". LOL

      You have me feeling very excited about the cast I will be going into on December 18th. Guess I can get them to stick one of those pine scented car thingys in mine. LOL

    6. Good luck with the cast. I have never had one, thank goodness.


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