December 2, 2014

The Flood of 1983

Flooding is predicted and rainfall totals are expected from 2 to 4 inches here...just like in 1983.

1983: Day 1 of the big flood.  Lifeguard friends had just paddled by on their boards.  They woke me up by tapping on my bedroom window.  I was standing on the curb and very hungover. Timothy’s  Volvo was down at street level.  .  The flood waters were one inch below the top step on my porch.  I felt really lucky.  Half a block away the surf was roaring through doors and windows right through houses.  Everybody across the street was underwater as was daughter Laka.  She woke to just purchased, college text books floating.

Moments later a fancy raised pickup truck roared down the street sending a wave of water into the house.  We ran after it.  The truck skidded around the corner, hit the lifeguard unit, and tried to hide at the corner motel.  We got it.

1983: Day two of the big Flood.  We had time to sandbag, and compare notes with neighbors.  I was really lucky as my cottage was at the high point on the block.  Everyone else lost their cars and house contents.  By the end of the second day, I was able to drive the old 10 color Datsun out of the flood area.

  Back to pictures of the Queen Mary.  He drove me to the doc’s, and even after the cast came off said I smelled terrible.
  • Herself:  Oh, hurrah, cast off, lots of scrubbing, and he drove in the rain.  Wear braces at work and driving for a month and PT.  Going slowly.
  • Reading:  Rooted to a Reich yesterday.

  • Balance:  Cast off.

    1. A flood is a terrible thing. If it floods there you should be OK. As I recall you are on the high ground.

    2. Hope there will just be NO flood.

    3. What did you do with the culprits when you reached them? Were the lifeguards hurt?

      Hope you get through this unscathed.

    4. Wow.. what a mess. Water can do so much damage.

      I'm glad the cast is off.

    5. I can't even imagine. I remember one time when we fought to keep water out of our basement, and that was enough exposure to flooding and the lack of control over water. Hope you don't have a repeat!

    6. Good that the cottage was spared. Also good that the cast was removed.

    7. Really, photos during the flood? Yikes. Flooding is unbelievable and the damage it causes. Glad you could move forward under the pressure. You must be a real survivor.

    8. When we went through our flood we had three feet of water in our house. Not able to take many photos. I also had one still in diapers, and I look back on that crazy time wondering how I made it through.

    9. Doesn't look like the big flooding will happen this time.

    10. What an experience that was, but being youthful helped you to survive it.


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