December 10, 2014

Traveling Again

More old images from Tar-Jay.

“Where are you going,” Zipster asks. 

We are off on one of those four day Carnival Christmas Cruises out of LA.  We’ll take one small suitcase each and a bag for the pillows…we do like to sleep with our own pillows.  After driving up, the car will be parked near the ship, and we will sail away to Catalina Island.  We both like that place a lot.

A Jeep tour will keep us more than amused.  I’ve seen photos of the Jeeps, and the seats do have grab bars which in real life I call something else.  I’ll wear a sports bra to hold my rib in place and bring my hand braces.  Ya have to laugh at yourself as you wear out.

After our stop in Catalina, we will take ship pictures on our way down the coast to Ensenada where we are not getting off the ship.  Yes, I said that.  Much of my empty luggage-corners will contain books. There will be one day in Ensenada, one day at sea, and one day getting back to LA.  The object is to get away from our computers, our lives, and just be quiet.

George can eat the cost of the ticket.  Perhaps in bacon alone.  I stick to my simple breakfast, half a sandwich for lunch, and maybe two courses plus desert at dinner.  I’ll feel virtuous while he eats bacon.

“When will you return,” she asks.

Just in time to celebrate Christmas with Zoe and Margot.  Sounds good to me.

  He’s been to the gym, emptied the dishwasher, and is heading up to work.

  • Herself:  Really trying to do the dishes more than once a day.  I’m such a slob.  He puts the dishes in the dishwasher the minute the meal is done.

  • Reading:  Back in Germany.

  • Balance:  Getting to play with books today at the store.


    1. Real resting is done at home in one of your easy chairs. You're not fooling me, you will be galavanting around.

    2. Have a wonderful time, Mage. I remember meeting people on our Alaskan cruise who had been on it 5 or 6 times and they said they don't get off the ship anymore because they'd seen it all. They were just enjoying the cruise experience.

      Thank you so much for your wonderfully encouraging comments. This is such a hectic, turbulent month ever since we returned from our trip with family crisis shadowing our holidays.

      I should be back to my regular schedule after the new year.

      I've never been to Catalina. Now you've made me curious.

    3. Sounds good to me too! I am jealous, a little, I admit.

    4. Well now, that doesn't seem like a terrible plan at all.

    5. That is the coolest thing ever! You guys have fun!

    6. Your travel plans sound absolutely wonderful!

    7. Wish we could see you when you're in L.A. I'm off between Dec. 17 and Dec. 29th. I'd come down to San Pedro just to say hi!


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