December 8, 2014

With Apologies

Décor at Target.

First: I want to apologize for the number/word verification on my Blogger site being on.  It appears to be some sort of system burp that many with Blogger sites have suddenly acquired.  You can leave a note without using it....thank heavens, and I hope this problem will soon disappear.

The triumph of the day was at the pool.  I got in and had a half hour walking back and forth and doing leg lifts.  Fifteen minutes of talking in the hot tub wasn’t fifteen minutes of stretching, but it was so very good to see and talk with my friends again.

We are ready to journey to sea.  Our passports are here as are our side trip papers.  We will be on one of the big, older Carnival ships decorated in egregious fashion by Farcus.  Yes, I will take lots of pictures, but at least Farcus design isn’t at all boring.  That last Princess ship we were on was beige, and I don’t seem to be a beige person.

  • Himself:  Good day at work, but has to go up north for a Christmas party on Friday.
  • Herself:  Strode through Von’s as if I were functional this morning.  It was very exciting.
  • Reading:  ”The Job.”
  • Balance:  Caprese salad with dinner.

    1. The word verification is not your fault. It's appearing everywhere. But good news.. you can just ignore it. We can leave comments and publish them without bothering with the WV. One of my regulars had that info on her blog and I will have it on my next post also. We're all being plagued with WV.

    2. Thank you Hilary. Oh, hurrah,

    3. Where are you going on this trip.

    4. Everyone seems to have the word verification even though, like me, my settings are not to have it. It's a blogger thing running rampant on all blogs but you can ignore it and go ahead and click on the publish button anyhow. It will still publish.

      Have a wonderful time, happy traveling :)

    5. Me too. WV appeared and can't stop it.

      Happy for your triumph at the pool. You will be ready to take on the cruise with gusto.

    6. Was not required to use it with my cell.

    7. those things look almost edible

    8. Good job on the exercise. Everyone is struggling with the word verification.

    9. Just posted about the WV on my blog. I think if you are a registered reader you do not have to verify. I am not the type of person to go on a large ship you are the one to take it for me and post all the photos. You have an artistic eye which will help me see things differently.

    10. I do follow Kay..just not as closely with her MANY trips. I just do not like the attempt to serve highend food to huge groups at the same time and I do not like arriving like a herd at a port. I do like the river cruises which are smaller and much more expensive, though.

    11. Definitely not a beige person.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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