January 9, 2015

30 in 30 B&W Challenge: Day 4

Marion B had just descended into diabetes and cancer when I met her at a writer’s workshop.  She was a most brilliant and witty writer.  When she read, each word became more.  I included her big furniture pieces in this photograph because her husband hated them.  He built her a very modern home.  She bought antiques at flea markets.  She was an exceptional friend.  How bare those words sound.

  • Himself:  Still hacking but better.  Worked hard all day, games and TV tonight.

  • Herself:  Coughing less.  PT guy.  He makes things funny.  Masses of exercises now.

  • Reading:  Perry again.

  • Balance:  Chocolate….did I say that.


    1. She was definitely a "Pisser".

    2. It is all about the faces, Mage. You are a good friend as both times these faces revealed so much...with the B&W. Would I miss them if they were in color?

    3. She looks like one tough lady! Love the B & W photo.

    4. Looks like someone I'd like. Like her furniture too. ;-)

    5. What a great and revealing portrait.

    6. She looks like a very strong woman.


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