January 17, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 12: Mikey

Mikey was the much appreciated husband of my friend Bobbie.  While looking for a picture taken in DC, I found this pensive image.  After a long struggle, he died of lung cancer just over a year ago.

  • Himself:  Vastly better.  I think he will live.  He got our neighbors car started and readied it for long term idleness.

  • Herself:  Leg better too.  Working with photos today.

  • Reading:  A JA Jance.
  • Balance:  Gently.

    1. Very nice photo. I like the tones, wish his head was not cropped so closely. He looks like he was very smart, was he?

    2. My leg is better too (the one I fell on). Turning green and purple and a horrid yellow. It must have been a deep bruise.

      Nice photo. He looks weary. Lung cancer is a bummer.

    3. Glad you lot are getting a little better.

    4. You've really captured a thoughtful moment.


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