January 18, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 13: Grandkids


This photo wasn’t taken yesterday or even last week.  This isn’t even the whole Campo family, but it captures a wonderful moment in their lives. 

Kids grow up.  Aaron has been to Afghanistan twice and is now home.  His sister has graduated from college.  Their brother is still recovering from a near death bout with pneumonia.  While their dad has quietly gone to work every day, their mom has struggled with chemo, radiation, and all the side effects that come with cancer treatment.

Still, just for this moment, life was worth smiling about.

  • Himself:  He’s doing well at last.  Movie today: Wild.

  • Herself:  Boy, do I need a shower.  I am enjoying ringing the bell rather than baking a cake every Sunday.

  • Reading:  Jance.

  • Balance:  Perhaps some shopping.


    1. Tough road for this family. Lovely capture of smiles.

    2. How wonderful that this time of joy was captured to be remembered forever.

    3. AS I wrote elsewhere...nice capture. I want to see Wild as I do love the wilderness, although I understand the movie is about far more than that. So does ringing the bell start stuff?

    4. Love their smiles wish them blessings. Read 'Wild" wonder if the movie serves it well. Enjoy.

    5. There are times when I prefer looking at the 'older' photos pf family than seeing the newer ones od today.
      Blots out all the heartache

    6. Joy, Joy, Joy!! Wonderful uplifting photo.

    7. Hope you shower before you go out. When David leaves an aroma in his wale, I remember to remind him about showers.
      As for kids, something poignant here. How come you were not on the ride?

    8. This photo like the roller coaster does have a fleeting poignancy- maybe a reminder to savor the moment. We never know what's around the next bend. Loving this series. There is something about black and white that draws me in deeper, invites...no, insists..that I notice the details and catch the emotion.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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