January 19, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 14: Workroom

Bobbie converted a guest room and a dressing room into two workrooms.  Here she is contemplating the next step.

  • Himself:  Feeling vastly better.  His sense of humor has returned even if he has to work on this holiday.  We are really enjoying running all of "West Wing" again.

  • Herself:  Love Sunday mornings in bed with G and CBS Sunday Morning.  Today I’m miss doze for some reason.  Lots of small projects await like finishing mending a quilt for the store.  “Wild” was a very strongly done, emotional film.  I really liked it but won’t see it a second time.

  • Reading:  About Shackleton’s journey, “Endurance.”

  • Balance:  Eating better.

    1. If that were me, I'd be contemplating how the hell I could get up out of that sitting position! :)

    2. Great photo not to mention it set off a serious case of "workroom" envy. ;-)

    3. I always admire when artists do something solid toward their love of creating art instead of procrastinating like I do.

    4. I remember this photo, and its my favorite.

    5. It looks like she definitely has her work cut out for her. Good photo.

    6. Watched all of West Wing for the first time recently. Great tv. We tried one episode of Madam Secretary recently thinking it might be similar. Terrible trash.

    7. I really love this photo, Mage! I feel like entering the room and helping. This photo truly tells a story.


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