January 22, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 17: Jo

As I grew more insane, she grew more a friend. 

She was my best friend though I was not her best friend.  That will have to do.  She helped artists, she helped save the Tijuana Sloughs, and she was a writer who only believed in herself at the very end.

This is the weakest image in the thirty I’m showing in this series.  I apologize.  I do not have a good, clear image of my friend Jo that I took.  This will have to do also.  She was a formidable, soft spoken woman, and many of us loved her.

  • Himself:  He is “Peachy Keen.”

  • Herself:  Pretty good too.

  • Reading:  Got ALL the books out on the shelves yesterdaay.  Starting a mystery today.

  • Balance:  A gathering at the museum this evening.


    1. Ah the reward of a good mystery. I progress with Cotton. Very interesting, but not a mystery.. c

    2. I finished Big Little Lies, and easy and fun read in spite of the fact that it was about abuse! Glad you both are in good health for the longer days to come, although with that lovely area, you probably do not notice winter at all.

    3. Oh my, Mage. What a beautiful friend. I'm sorry you had to lose her. I wish everybody could have a friend like your Jo.

    4. I would have to go back through your images, but I don't think this is weak at all. I was quite taken with it.

    5. Okay. Just looked thru a bunch. My opinion hasn't changed.

    6. I have to agree with AC. It's a lovely capture of your dear friend and a lovely tribute, as well.


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