January 23, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 18: Reunion

We went to a small high school.  Many of those who went there were training to go to one of the military academies.  Then there were those of us who were chronic problems in school like me.  I failed everything but art and reading.  Most of my friends were the same sort of folks, and this school was also set up to deal with us. 

In the early 1990’s, we began correspondences, and a series of small reunions began.  This shot is from one of the last of the gatherings.  She is the wife of one of the students and a very nice lady.  

  • Himself:  He had a good day, and he sent his old 401K off to my broker to have it grow into a proper retirement fund.  At work, they now have 401Ks that come with matching funds.  Starting soon, he tells me.  The papers have been signed.  Did party in the park opening new show.

  • Herself:  Eating too much and not having fun.  Did make a hard bound book of my 30 photos plus a few.

  • Reading:  An autobiography of William F Buckley.  Yes, I said that.

  • Balance:  Now only two more visits to the Physical therapist, coffee with Camille, and that party at G’s museum.


    1. Endings in therapy. Keep up the movement after the therapy! Do NOT eat too much at the party. Keep that stiff upper lip...and now that I can put down my 'mommy' role I must comment on that conch shell in the photo which is HUGE.

    2. If its an autobiography, you might enjoy it. He was a funny man.

    3. I really believe in therapy. I'm glad you bound your photos, Mage. She does look like a nice lady.

    4. I kind of like it. Not a classic shot, but the table and it's accoutrements makes for a sort of leading line, or at least presents objects of interest.

    5. Having the photo book will be a reminder of all the hard work you put in for your self imposed challenge. Something to look back on
      I'm looking at them all just being quiet :)

    6. It's just a wild guess, but I am thinking she is wondering, "What am I doing here?"

    7. Look at all that plastic! Lol.

    8. the reunion of miss fits were fun. my kind of people.

    9. Made it through Jan. 21 in my rentry to the blogosphere visit. The b&w images and accompanying descriptions were fascinating and moving glimpses of your life.


    What a delight to get a note from you. Thanks for leaving one.


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