January 24, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 19: Zoe

The youngest and last granddaughter.  She surprised me yesterday by answering the phone as an adult, and telling me to wait just a moment please.  Following all that politeness, only then did she yell for her mother.  This image was taken Christmas of 2008.

  • Himself:  Gym first.  Then Friday he worked very hard supervising the carpet cleaners while doing subrogations.  Today, Saturday breakfast with old friends before the museum.

  • Herself:  Lots and lots of small donations at the Discovery shop Friday.  Many of the book shelves are half empty tho.  Donations are down.  Yesterday, dinner, meeting, TV, and today breakfast with maybe friends.

  • Reading:  John Kenneth Galbraith recommended that everyone read William F. Buckley for the writing and ignore the content.  I’m having trouble with the content.

  • Balance:  Doing my hand exercises.


    1. Such a beautiful pose in B & W.

    2. Why are you having trouble with the content? Just curios. He did have a razor sharp wit, and could be ascerbic or "cutting" at times. I don't agree with his philosophy, or didn't while he was alive.

    3. Reading Pat Conroy's tale of his family...a sad and unbelievable tale. But since I love everything Irish I will follow his sad trail in burying his family these past years. Glad Geezer is back to normal and sad that donations are down. That photo seems to have an adult in a little person's body when you look at those eyes. I do see you there.

    4. What a sweetie. You capture such beautiful portraits in black and white. I Zoe as much of an old soul as she appears in this image?

    5. She did have a look of you about her - does she still?
      Op- shops (charity shops) here have mentioned a lack of 'decent' saleable donations. Ebay is the culprit they reckon

    6. Such a great capture of your youngest grandchild.

    7. What beautiful eyes she has. I wonder what she was thinking. My 8 year old granddaughter called yesterday on her own. That was a surprise.


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