January 25, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 20: Brother and Sister

Alex and Megan.  They do look alike, don’t they.  For me, this more journalistic composition works.  More of a documentary style.  Taken Christmas 2006.

  • Himself:  Enjoyed breakfast with longtime friend Monica and her husband Dennis.  At the museum, only two kids were cranky, and at Costco what we wanted wasn’t on the shelves.
  • Herself:  My life would not be the same without Monica.  Yet we have not seen each other for 25 years.  It was good to see her again, but next time perhaps we need to discuss why.  Napped, read, dinner at Costo, such a quiet day.
  • Reading:  Finished Christopher Buckley’s book about the death of his “Mum and Pup” within a year.
  • Balance:  The quiet.


    1. Interesting composition. Are these your grandkids?

    2. Were they opposites in life? Did they see things differently?

    3. Oh that wonderful quiet that balances us.

    4. This is an interesting photo. Dinner at Costco? Pizza?


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    I’m having a good time reading a memoir that actually has details.   Like, what does she really do first thing in the morning?...