January 26, 2015

B&W Challenge: Day 21: Dale

This grainy picture of Dale was taken in the front yard of the beach cottage in 1982.

Dale Thomas Craig worked as Sheriff’s Staff, and he supported artists.  He stuck by me when everyone else had given up.  He saw something no one else did.  With art supplies in hand, he bought my small output, he ordered art, he took me to openings.  He fed me.  Because of Dale, my world grew beyond drugs and alcohol.  He died young with an AIDS related disease.  I really miss him.

  • Himself:  His sense of humor has returned, and he had a good weekend.  Lost weight too.  It’s his birthday today.  He’s 29….again, he says.

  • Herself:  According to WW, I lost 4.1 pounds.

  • Reading:  Nothing, but the books are piled everywhere.

  • Balance:  Getting wet.


    1. Good for you on the weight loss. My experience with victims of AIDS is limited, but I've known a couple of infected fellows. Two sad. Dale was a saint.

    2. As much as I exercise...not tons but pretty regular...I have never lost a pound!!! So sorry for your friends early death, he does look strong minded.

    3. Your weight is going down, while mine is ascending.

    4. Thank goodness for men like Dale. Congrats on your weight.

    5. This is sort of sad but happy at the same time -- happy for how he affected your life and a life well lived.

    6. Difficult to part with close friends, especially those who have been supportive of us through challenging times. My sympathy to you & treasure the memories. Though I don't know the individuals I' enjoy your B&W photos.

    7. How sad. They say the good die young.

    8. He has an Ernest Hemingway look about him. What a good fellow he was. I'm glad you had him for a friend.


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